Sponsorship for events- application form

  1. Request for sponsorship (resources) form

  2. Please give more details about the purpose of the event

  3. Resources requested

    Please choose from the resources below. If you do not require, please leave blank.

  4. Bags come in boxes of 250. Please indicate your request by choosing an option below. Limits apply.

  5. Car litter bags are in lots of 500. Please choose from the list below. Limits apply.

  6. Pop up portable bins
  7. Pop up bins help you manage extra waste at events. Note: these are lightweight and not suitable for heavy waste (eg lots of glass bottle waste)

  8. Please advise the rubbish and /or recycling preferences and number of each bins of each type requested . Limits apply.

  9. Pocket ashtrays are useful to distribute to smokers when discouraging butt litter. They come in display boxes of 10. Please advise how many boxes you are requesting and how you will use them at your event.

  10. What actions will you be taking to prevent litter at your event?
  11. In exchange for sponsorship, how can you assist to promote the anti-litter message?
  12. Please choose from the list actions how you can commit to promote litter reduction and the Keep Australia Beautiful message

  13. Thank you for your request

    Your request will be reviewed by the Keep Australia Beautiful Communications team and you will be advised by email if your sponsorship request is successful.

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