Request for sponsorship

Summerfest Stirling 2017Keep Australia Beautiful WA (KABWA) receives many requests to provide in-kind sponsorship for events, and activities. We like to assit those event organisers with a genuine interest in reducing litter and influencing event patrons to do the right thing with waste at their events. 

KABWA will consider sponsorship for any not-for-profit organisation upon application. Sponsorship activity must be consistent with the aims and objectives of our organisation to reduce litter and promote positive litter disposal behaviour.

Sponsorship will not be provided where the resources are requested purely as a waste management tool in post-event clean-ups.

Sponsorship support for events should:

•           Deliver litter reduction benefits to the community
•           Raise awareness of the KAB brand and anti-litter message
•           Assist in educating the event audience to do the right thing with their waste and prevent littering.
•           Engage the community to take personal action to reduce litter 

Resources available

 Please complete the Sponsorship for Events- application form.

Have you thought about:

  • Whether the waste contractor is recycling any of the waste?
  • Using biodegradable cups, plates and cutlery and food and drink outlets?
  • Having a designated clean up crew?
  • Placing buckets full of sand for cigarette butts around the event?
  • Visiting websites to see how other events are managing litter and waste?
  • See more on creating a Waste Wise event  
  • Have a look at the range of posters available for download.

* Event photos of this page are from the City of Stirling Summerset Concert 2016. Mac1 Photography