Media and Promotions

Promoting the anti-litter message

We appreciate your help in spreading the word about our programs and encouraging simple actions to contribute to cleaner and safer communities.

Please use this information provided here to include links on your website, promote via your e-news or print publications, or contact us for more information on how we can assist you to spread the anti-litter message.

  1. Unsecure Load, Unsafe Road
  2. Bin it Campaign
  3. Adopt-a-Spot
  4. Litter Report Scheme
  5. Bin Your Butt


Unsecured Load Unsafe Road

  1. Poster (hard copies are available from our office) 
  2. Newsletter ad (90 x65 mm)
  3. Fact sheet 
  4.  A6 Postcard (hard copies are available from our office) 
  5. Web button

poster      ad     fact sheet     postcard test button

Adopt-a-Spot Program

  1. Logo [JPG]
  2. A3 Poster -general
  3. A3 poster-to add your logo (contact us for printing file)
  4. Adopt a Spot advertisement [PDF]
  5. Sample media release [Word Doc]
  6. Sample newsletter article [Word Doc]
aas logo AAS ad AAS poster

Litter Report Scheme

LRS logo  2.  LR ad 

3. LR ad vertical 4. LR butts photo


Bin Your Butt

calm road

Bin it Campaign

bin it

          Bin it logo

girl poster  bin it poster  tradie poster

 Contact us for print ready BIN IT bin panel artwork(750mm x500mm) and  personalise with your logo.

      Bin it posters - Click to download A3 posters

    It's not hard           tradie           girl poster            woman on poster

    man in car           Kid at bin           Hand in bin

    If you love           Keep ...

make own posters

Making your own posters is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Download template at links below.

2.Insert your suburb/place name.

3. Print.

If you love xxx .Size A3                 If you love xxx. Size A4

Keep XXX beautiful. Size A3       Keep XXX beautiful .Size A4