Community newspapers

Unwanted Community Newspapers

Newspapers are not exempt from anti-littering legislation in Western Australia and placing them on private land or the Council verge can be considered an offence against the Litter Act 1979. The Keep Australia Beautiful Council (KABC) which administers the Act, has previously taken the view that a community newspaper is a service that most people are happy to receive and has previously not taken any action against publishers or distributors.

The Community Newspaper Group has received KABC approval to deliver some community newspapers via verge drop off to accommodate areas where there is a lack of delivering staff. In order for this to occur the Local Council must provide approval. In addition, the Community Newspaper Group has established a new hotline to allow easy cancellation of newspaper delivery to your private address if desired.

If you are receiving community newspapers and you do not wish to receive them you can call this ‘hotline’ on 1800 811 855 or by emailing

If you are unhappy with your newspaper being delivered to your verge in your neighborhood you should contact your Local Council and ask them to review their approval for this delivery method in your area.