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Keep Australia Beautiful WA (KABWA) recognises that building strong partnerships with local government authorities is an important strategy to reduce litter and littering in Western Australia. With a broad range of  established litter prevention programs available, targeting all sectors of the community,  KABWA is well placed to offer support and guidence to agencies in developing effective litter prevention initiatives. Local government support includes:

1. Provision of anti-litter campaign promotional material to support local efforts.

poster-choc milkA range of resources are available to promote the anti-litter campaign message: Bin it; you know it’s the right thing to do. Local government media departments are encouraged to make use of logos and campaign artwork, including posters, bin stickers, no junk mail stickers and print ads. KAB WA can also arrange special rates for bin advertising to support your anti-litter messaging. 

2. Assistance to promote anti-litter initiatives 

Litter Report Scheme

LR logoPromoting the Litter Report Scheme to your community members enables you to have ‘eyes on the road’ and allows community members to report littering and illegal dumping offences in your area. The information provided by litter reporters normally results in the issuing of an infringement notice to the owner of the vehicle with fines starting at $200 for a cigarette butt or general littering. Local government officers can also use the 1300 number if unable to stop the offender.

Adopt-a-Spot program 

AAS logoThe Adopt a Spot program encourages volunteers to select a site and commit to doing regular cleanups, which encourages greater ownership and pride in local areas and complements council litter management activities. Litter bags, gloves, tongs and insurance are provided to registered groups. 

3. Provision of training for local government officers in litter legislation and practical application of the Litter Act.

4. Link to the KAB Litter Toolkit to assist in litter management planning.

5. Provision of signage templates to discourage littering and illegal dumping on roadsides and around waterways, jetties and boat ramps.

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