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butt binTo order resources please fill in the appropriate information below. Note: when you order resources via this form you will be charged the costs as outlined on the drop down menus alongside each item. Some resources are subject to availability.

Stainless steel butt bins are available from a range of suppliers. Download the list to assist you with your purchase choice.



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Product Quantity
Pocket Ashtrays
80 x 80mm. $10 per box of 10.
Small Car Litter Bags
220mm x 270mm. Box of 1000 bags.
Large Car Litter Bags
300 x 350mm. Box of 1000 bags.
Orange Roadside Litter Bags
480mm x 400mm x 800mm. Box of 250 NOW AVAILABLE
Outback Pack
Handy pack for travelers with litter collection bags, tongs and gloves and information. FREE if picked up at our office.
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