Community Litter Grant recipients


Reusable bags at Shark Bay

The Shire of Shark Bay has used litter grant funds to provide education on littering and reusable bags for visitors and community members.  A clean-up with volunteers was carried out including Shire Councillors, Shire employees, visitors, families and even pets.  At the community clean up 13 large bags of litter were removed from roadside verges mainly in and out of the town. 


Community Dishes initiative

cupsGrant recipient, Vic Park Transition Network, has implemented the 'Borrow and Bring Back Community Dishes Kit'.  By Christmas day 2018, 490 items were used and reused. That’s potentially 490 pieces of single-use and disposable packaging refused.

In theory, anyone can borrow the Community Dishes kit. In practice, because it relies on trust and goodwill to ensure the items are returned (and clean), it needs to stay local and with a community focus. There is a dedicated website with further information, see -Community Dishes initiative.


Be a better BuilderSupport for a strategic approach to builder's waste

Grant recipients in 2016/17, the Shire Of Serpentine Jarrahdale used their grant to help fund a strategic and targeted approach to tackling builder's waste in conjunction with strategies already being undertaken by the Shire. Reports suggest that the signs are helping to reduce waste and give residents the information to report litterers. In one case a resident reported two builders for dumping as a result of one of the signs obtained with the grant.  The Ranger then contacted them both and the rubbish was removed the same day.