Community Litter Grants

Recipients for the 2021 litter grants have been announced.

Grants of up to $10,000 are available for major initiatives or regional projects, with grants of up to $5,000 available for local area projects.  The grants provide financial assistance for action and education on litter with $60,000 available.

What is the difference between litter and waste?  

Litter is something that people discard on the ground, and is not in its right place. Think of plastic in the waterways, cigarette butts or discarded food and drink containers.  Waste is what is put into the bin and that’s all about resource recovery through recycling and reusing, and through sorting unwanted items into the right bin.

KABC only funds projects that address litter management.

Previous Community Litter Grant recipients
The 2020 recipients were announced by the Minister for Environment. You can read the media statement here. Read about previous years recipients and their projects here.

For more information contact Keep Australia Beautiful Western Australia on  6364 6643 or email us at Local government authorities, community groups, small to medium sized enterprises and schools are eligible to apply for the grants, which must be for projects in the public domain.