Unwanted advertising material

Unwanted Advertising Material

junk mail


If you don’t want to receive advertising material, the first step you need to take is to attach a sign to your letter box such as ‘no advertising material’, ‘no junk mail’, ‘circulars only’.


no junk

Free 'no junk mail' stickers are available by contacting Keep Australia Beautiful WA.


If advertising material is placed in your letterbox when you have one of these signs it is often simply a matter of a new delivery person not understanding the sign or making a mistake when delivering the material in your area. To resolve this you can contact the distribution companies within WA and request that this is stopped.

The two distribution companies in WA are:

  • PMP Distribution: (08) 6399 2200
  • Salamat: 1800 812 812

You will need to call these distribution companies and determine who is responsible for the material you are receiving and request assistance. They will then usually contact the local area coordinator to ensure delivery to you ceases.

Is it against the law?

Under the current legislation, throwing advertising material onto a property without the owners consent is a direct breach of the Litter Act 1979. All mail, regardless of the type, must be placed into a mail box to avoid being considered litter. This Act gives powers to various authorities to take action against those that litter, including your Local Government.