Making a good litter report

Making your litter report count

The following details are vital for a successful report:

  1. Vehicle licence plate, make/model, colour
  2. Whether the offender was driver or passenger
  3. The offender’s gender
  4. The location of the offence (street and suburb)
  5. Time and date
  6. Type of litter
  7. Other information can also be extremely useful such as an accurate description of the offender’s appearance, any distinguishing vehicle features, or other important information surrounding the alleged offence.

Take a look at these sample reports below to help you make a good report. If you have any questions, please call us on (08) 6364 6641.

Good report for general littering

Good report for a littered lit cigarette 

Insufficient report for general littering

Insufficient report for a littered lit cigarette.