Litter Prevention Strategy for Western Australia 2015-2020 launched

5th January 2015

New strategy aims for big decrease in litter

LPSMonday, 5 January 2015 

‚Äč>Target is a 25 per cent reduction in the State’s litter by 2020.   

> Reducing Western Australia’s high rate of littering is the target of a new litter prevention strategy for WA.

Environment Minister Albert Jacob said the strategy, to be implemented by the Keep Australia Beautiful Council, acknowledged that litter prevention was a responsibility shared by all in our community.  

 “According to the National Litter Index, in the past five years, WA has achieved a reduction of 26 per cent in the number of items littered and a reduction of 20 per cent in the volume of litter we produce,” Mr Jacob said.
“This is a good result, but despite this success, WA still has one of the highest levels of littering in Australia. It’s everyone’s responsibility, whether State Government, business, industry, local government or the community, to bring down our rate of littering.
“The Litter Prevention Strategy sets out a framework for leadership from State Government, as well as collaboration between stakeholders, to protect our environment.”
The Minister said litter reduced the appeal of public spaces, harmed aquatic life, attracted vermin, and blocked storm water drains which could lead to flooding.
“Broken glass, needles and syringes harm people and cigarettes thrown from vehicles can cause bushfires,” he said.
“This strategy intends to challenge and change the attitude of people who consider that littering is an acceptable behavior. We have a beautiful State and we need to ensure the enjoyment of our environment is not spoilt by the thoughtless actions of litterers.”
The State Government, through the KABC, will implement litter prevention activities under seven priority areas: research and data; auditing and evaluation; policy and legislation; public education, information and training; enforcement; physical intervention; and stakeholder responsibility.
Fact File

  • People are more likely to litter when they are in a large group
  • One of the factors contributing to the high level of litter is the rapid expansion of fast food outlets and increased food consumption in public areas
  • The Keep Australian Beautiful Council’s litter reporting number is 1300 00 737 678
  • The Litter Prevention Strategy for Western Australia 2015-2020 can be downloaded here.