Marine Debris Project team guidelines

Project Team Guidelines    

The Indian Ocean Territories Marine Debris Project is a team effort. While there is no financial reward, we want your involvement to be satisfying for you and beneficial for the project. The following guidelines relate to your rights and responsibilities and highlight the culture we want for the team.


  1. To choose the nature of your contribution; to say no if you’re asked to undertake a task that you don't want to do
  2. To be acknowledged and respected for the significance of your work
  3. To be given information and feedback about the work you’re undertaking
  4. To be respected and supported by all team members
  5. To be treated fairly
  6. To have any concerns you have taken seriously


  1. To follow instructions from Marine Debris Team Leaders who will be leading the clean-up and audit process
  2. To complete all tasks you have agreed to in a responsible, punctual, dependable, conscientious and courteous manner
  3. To respect the confidentiality of personal information shared within the team
  4. To advise the relevant people, as early as possible, if you are unable to do an assigned task
  5. To act as part of a team, this includes diplomacy, honesty, cooperation and commitment
  6. To use clear and open communication
  7. To accept decisions made after consideration of views.
  8. To keep ego in check and work for the good of the team


  1. Acknowledgement*
  2. I acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of volunteers and agree to abide by the team guidelines while volunteering on the Indian Ocean Territories Marine Debris Project.

  3. Marine Debris Audit Instructions*
  4. I have watched the videos; "How to run a beach or river clean-up" and "How to collect data for the Australian Marine Debris Database" as outlined in the IOT Marine Debris Project volunteer information.

  5. All members of the team receive a Marine Debris Project T-Shirt. This helps identify you and helps us promote the project. Please indicate your shirt size

  6. Please let us know your flight details - date and flight number. This helps us to know when people will be arriving and to look out for you at the airport. If you have not booked your flights yet, it is important that you let us know when you have done so

  7. Please let us know where you are staying. This will help us with logistics and transport on the islands.

* denotes a required field.