Information to read after registering for Adopt-a-Spot

Thank you for registering. The below information will help get you started with your clean-up/s. If KAB WA needs to contact you, we will email you within about seven days.

KAB will also forward details of your proposed clean-up site to relevant local government offices where applicable.

Clean-up kit

Unless you are providing your own items, you will soon receive a clean-up kit to your location containing items to assist with your clean-up activities (e.g. bags and gloves). KAB WA has partnerships with some local governments to provide clean-up kits. We will contact you with more information if you need to pick up resources from a local government office.

Adopt-a-Spot Safety information

  1. Guide to conducting safe clean-up activities: This information is specifically designed to assist you to review your site safety and plan to manage any risks. This task should be done before commencing any clean-up activities.
  2. If you want to clean-up a main road, there is a specific approval process required from Main Roads WA, KAB will contact you in these instances.
  3. KAB Tips Booklet: This booklet was developed for KAB general clean-up activities, but has some useful information for aspects of your Adopt-a-Spot clean-up activities. Besides reinforcing safety information, there is also information on rubbish removal and recycling, promoting your event and first aid.


Insurance information: If your group has requested insurance, documentation is required. Please read the information in the link and KAB WA will contact you by email to confirm and enable your insurance requirements.

After the clean-up

Clean-up report: The data you collect on the clean-up days is very valuable to us and will also assist you in understanding your site better. Please make time at the end of your Adopt-a-Spot clean ups to complete the online form.

After the clean-up you can choose to take the full bags back to your own household council bins and dispose (if there is minimal rubbish) or make contact with your local government office to arrange pick up of litter bags. Please email to get the local government contact email if you need this assistance.

We will email you your Adopt-a-Spot certificate after we recieve your first clean-up report (see above).