Litter Heroes

Thank you to our amazing volunteers.

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Bob Taylor - avid collector of roadside litter

bob taylor

Bob has been collecting rubbish across Western Australia since 1962. He  moved to Geraldton from Northampton and quickly became a member of the Gero Clean up crew in 2019. So far he has collected over 1500 bags of litter around Geraldton.

Using his own vehicle, Bob keeps 51 kms of roadside into and around Geraldton free of litter, and in 2020 he collected 752 Keep Australia Beautiful orange pick up bags of litter.  

The types of rubbish collected over the years has included tyres, mattresses, carpets, plastic, 200 ltr drums, eskies, pillows and clothing.  In his 17 years at Northampton Bob spent 1,750 hours travelling to pick up rubbish and he collected 3,236 bags of it.

Bob is truly impressive and the Keep Australia Beautiful Council is grateful his efforts to keep wherever he calls home clean of other people's litter.



Byford Bag Ladies and Lads

byfordThese passionate Ladies and Lads began their journey in the Tidy Towns program in 1991, and also participated in the Clean Up Australia Day campaign. In 2011 they registered for the Adopt-a-Spot program and since then the group has been taking good care of their adopted sites, the South West Highway and Soldiers Road. They have a great sense of community pride and love nothing more than to see their littered streets turned into neat piles of orange bags which contain collected litter.  Not only are they involved in picking up rubbish from our streets, they are directly creating a better environmental future for their community, planting, mulching, watering and weeding on roadsides and in reserves. They give up their time every week to be a regular presence on the roadside and do so with great community spirit and pride in keeping the local environment clean and safe for all.

 We must recognize the Byford Bag Ladies and Lads for their exceptional work and for being advocates for Keep Australia Beautiful and spreading the word about the environment to encourage others to get involved. They are always willing to welcome new members. Current members are  Colleen Rankin, Ruth Conway, Maggie Bergant, Max Erskine, Stephen Jones and Lisa Keys.

Pam and Pete Carlberg

Pam and PetePam is one Freo local who exemplifies our Adopt-a-Spot program. She and husband Pete have been looking after their two adopted sites for three and a half years and they couldn’t be happier with the results they have achieved, and neither could we! Together, these two have sent in the most clean up reports than anyone else in the program, with a total of 115 over the first two years in the program.

Pam is an innovative and passionate participant for Keep Australia Beautiful; promoting the Adopt-a-Spot program, providing useful feedback to help others and has even devised a cart out of a used, verge-side pram in which to transport the rubbish she collects. Pam and Pete receive many thanks from their community but we believe they should be recognized on a greater scale. We would like to thank Pam and Pete for all their hard work, and elevate them to Hero status.

Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee

Toodyay winners

Toodyay was the Tidy Towns State Winner for 2014 and in 2013 was the state winner for community action, based on the massive volunteer involvement and numerous groups that focus on litter prevention, conserving the natural environment and enhancing the community’s lifestyle.  Since then, volunteer numbers have risen more than 60 per cent, no doubt due to strong leadership.

Another strong driver of the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee’s success has been a partnership with Bendigo Bank, which committed $500 per community group per annum, provided that the group undertake coordinated clean-ups of designated sites and contribute to other Tidy Towns projects.  As a result Twenty-four Adopt-a-Spot groups now benefit from that funding and results have been astounding.  This year 558 volunteers collected 683 bags of rubbish weighing 2,493 kilograms!  This sets a new benchmark in Western Australia.

Watch Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee Chairman, Greg Warburton, talk about the benefits of community engagement.

Zita Dobson

"Litter is so annoying to me so wherever I go I pick up, at the beach, the park, the playground. Imagine my delight when Jasper our 3 year old grandson said - on arriving at the playground last week "Nanna, let's pick up all the rubbish and then we can have slides" He most certainly will not be a litterbug when he grows up!" - Zita Dobson

What our volunteers are saying...

 Thank you to all our amazing volunteers.

Read volunteer messages below ...  If you volunteer and have a message to share email us a photo and your message to

volunteer"I am a litter reporter of many years standing. I am also a Sea Scout Leader and environmental awareness is a large part of our programmes, both on the water and in the bush. Educating the young is a great way of ensuring the correct disciplines are carried forward into the future. I get great satisfaction from the work I do, and especially seeing the Scouts actually practicing what they have been taught. Even better is seeing them putting each other right on environmental issues!" - Diana Veitch

"I walk around the site that I work at and collect the old used batteries. Once collected I go to the waste recycle centre, which is out of my way and deposit them there. On average I collect approx 60 batteries, It's better than them ending up in the bin or landfill." - Kevin Herbert

"I clean up daily at my local dog park. I like to think it makes a difference."    - Tricia Turner

"One moment can make all our volunteer efforts worthwhile. During a recent suburban clean-up, a CARE volunteer came across a group of children at a local park. She overheard one of the children whisper "hold on, wait till she gets close to us and then we'll clap". She braced herself... all at once, all six kids started cheering and applauding. Their self appointed spokesperson said: "Thank you for cleaning up our play area and making it nice for us" and "we promise we won't make it dirty again because its lots of work to clean up." - Dan Pederson on behalf of CARE

"The main benefit to me as a volunteer is the effect it has on my children, they can see their parent taking good care of the environment and my attitude has a flow-on effect... it gives me a great feeling to know that I am contributing to taking care of our environment so we can all enjoy clean and healthy living for many years to come." - Jennifer Greaves

heroes" The most satisfying thing for me is when I see my very young kids go out of their way to bin a piece of rubbish without being asked no matter where we are. Clearly my commitment is obvious to them and the message has been taken on by another generation." - Adam O'Connell

"The benefit of being a volunteer is the involvement in the community and being able to give back a little bit. I work at the high school and sometimes the students will engage in a conversation about my activities and show their interest. If we can encourage the youth through our actions then that is a good thing." - Sue Johnson

"A sense of achievement, wellbeing, being at one with nature, talking with people of the same ilk, friendship, correcting past mistakes with the environment and seeing nature responding without chemicals, thereby creating a balance of nature by providing food for all sources in the animal world. Passing on ones knowledge." - Joy Harding

"I love volunteering it gives me satisfaction to see what we have done for the community and the community appreciates the work that is carried out in our lovely little town." - Patricia Rumjantsev

coolbellup"Knowing that (those who) throw cigarette butts from cars are caught and fined makes me feel as though I am making a difference to this problem. There is great satisfaction knowing that (I have made a difference)" - Graham Rogers

"The benefits of being a volunteer are that it teaches my students to look after the places they visit. It also allows students to have a positive self image. Students feel really proud of themselves after every clean up event." - Elisha Caulfield

"Although I feel 'idle hands could be put to work', I do feel a huge sense of achievement taking time out of my own busy schedule to make a difference to the wildlife affected by littering and the aesthetics spoiled by the act" - Teresa Cheesman

"In the area we have adopted we have noticed a huge drop in litter being left behind on both the beach and in the surrounding bushland. On our visits you can see that the locals have a greater respect for the area and are helping by not re-offending...the pleasure in knowing that the area we help clean is staying cleaner for longer and the amounts we collect is getting smaller make it feel that its worthwhile. It gives  you a great sense of achievement" - Bunnings Warehouse Geraldton

"I hope I am saving wild life from poisoning and trauma by removing plastics, cigarette butts and other rubbish from the beach I regularly visit. I have noticed other people following my example and picking up rubbish too." - Sophia Moermond

"Keep the streets tidy. It's only a small contribution, but it all helps to keeping Perth clean. Seeing things that others can't. By having many eyes you achieve more than having a few eyes." - Julie Sapienza

"My actions are helping to keep Australia clean, free from destructive bushfires and healthy. I also think that I encourage family and friends to think twice about litter and to do there bit to overcome it. I feel a sense of achievement. I feel that I have done the best I can with the resources I have to be a better West Australian and to give back to my community and Australia" - Hayden Bell

"I feel healthy when volunteering and love the feeling of satisfaction that comes from doing something that aids the environment and the community. I feel a sense of pride when volunteering and love it when a friend or my partner offers to join me on my litter collections!" - Carly Dolinski

bbl"I am one of the Byford Bag ladies – hooked on picking up roadside litter.  We pick up every Sunday morning and get great satisfaction from seeing our filthy roadsides converted to neat piles of orange bags.  I also pick up rubbish as a member of the Byford Envirolink and enjoy enhancing and developing bushland in local reserves with this great bunch of people." - Colleen Rankin

"I've taught my own children and those in my classroom over the years to always dispose of rubbish correctly and to leave the environment as you found it. I report people who discard cigarette butts so that they may take some responsibility for their actions. Lit cigarette butts start fires, extinguished ones are toxic and unsightly. I hope I make a difference to the young ones I teach and to the offenders I report by making them think twice next time." - Vivienne Woodmansey

Gloria Jackson's impressive 30 years of volunteering

Gloria JacksonGloria and her husband (now sadly deceased) retired to Walpole in 1986.  

Gloria attends Tidy Towns meetings and with others picks up litter on the town streets.  (Walpole was the WA Tidy Towns State Winner in 2013).

She was awarded a Life Membership for her tireless work in keeping beaches and bushland clean with Walpole Nornalup National Parks Association and is also part of a weeding group, removing weeds from the bush.    Gloria and Bill discovered a new species of orchid and was named Thelymitre jacksonii.  Gloria has also worked with DPaW staff, trapping invertebrates and small animals to study, searching for rare and endangered plants and carrying out bush and beach cleanups.