Community Action and Wellbeing 2017


Congratulations to 2017 State Winner: Community Action and Wellbeing



State Finalists for the 2017 Community Action and Wellbeing Award were:


HEARTWALK Mural Festival

kal “Heartwalk” is a two year public art project that seeks to revitalise the CBD and increase foot traffic through the installation of professionally curated, high quality painted murals.

Local, Indigenous and West Australian artists created murals in the windows of empty shops and walls in  selected locations throughout the CBD, helping to transform the struggling city centre into a vibrant arts and cultural precinct.

The installation of 20+ murals in one week, gave the CBD an instant facelift and provided local artists an opportunity to learn from, network with and work alongside world-class muralists.

This display of high calibre art creates an incredible tourist attraction, a reason for locals to spend time in the CBD again, whilst creating a market and demand for mural art in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. The festival culminated in a free group walking tour and has activated an urban arts scene.

Heartwalk was made possible by funding from Royalties for Regions, Goldfields Esperance Development Commission, City of Kalgoorlie Boulder, Country Arts WA, Anglogold Ashanti, local sponsors, stakeholders and volunteers.

Police Station Mural

paraParaburdoo's Tidy Towns Committee in partnership with the Primary School, the Western Australian Police, Rio Tinto and Sodexo planned and began painting a large mural on the outside wall of the Police Station.

A competition was held for primary school students to design the mural and the chosen design will be painted by students participating in an extension visual arts program.

Police Officers and Sodexo employees donated their time and resources to the planning and preparation of this project and Rio Tinto donated paint as well as overseeing the safety aspects of the project.

It is believed that this project will see the first mural painted on the outside of a Police Station wall in Western Australia. This project depicts the great cohesion, collaboration, and teamwork that exists within Paraburdoo.

Bike Trail Improvements

pemThe Pemberton Mountain Bike Park is a fabulous set of mountain bike trails just a short walk from the town centre. The bike park is a network of 30 km of trails maintained and built entirely by volunteers. In 2016, 436 volunteers gave 1626 hours of work exclusively to this track and events associated with it. 

Along with trail construction and maintenance, environmental projects were also conducted at this site with the ongoing removal of weeds, such as black wattle and watsonia and the spraying of the invasive blackberry bush. This past year, local Volunteer Fire and Rescue Brigades conducted extensive bush fire mitigation in and around the bike trails.

The trail continues to grow and improve as the volunteers upgrade and construct new tracks. The addition of a new bridge connects two tracks while others are being upgraded to encourage more walkers and horse riders to use alternative tracks in the same location.

Geoff Trott Memorial Park - Establishing a Community Park

geoff Perenjori’s Townscape Enhancement Committee considered options for the redevelopment of the old swimming pool site to create a new community park. The ideas evolved into a design that enhanced the adjacent sporting facilities by creating a more attractive and diverse meeting space for the community that include a playground, barbecue facilities, an amphitheatre, exercise equipment and gardens. 

The Perenjori Shire undertook construction work for the park and community members purchased trees for planting. Thirty volunteers planted 180 native species and 30 fruit trees on National Tree Day in September 2016.   The Northern Agricultural Catchment Council and Mt Gibson Mine’s Public Benefit Trust funded the planting. Local farmers donated rocks to enhance the landscape.

Perenjori Shire is achieving the aim of creating a place to bring the Wheatbelt farming community together to have fun, relax, workout or play within a convenient pleasant area.

The atmosphere created by the new park is a tribute to Geoff Trott who was a highly regarded community member and managed the town pool that was located at the site on which the new park now lies. 

Redevelopment of Town Pool

quarWith a growing concern for their community’s lifestyle and wellbeing, the Shire has focussed on recreational facilities such as the new community gym, the redevelopment of the Shire Caravan Park and the renewal of existing sporting facilities.

The Pool has been revamped to include a toddler feature area, a beach pool, a learn to swim area and a 25 meter lap pool as well as catering for people with disabilities. In addition, Wifi is provided and a water saving initiative has decreased the water bill by 30 per cent.

There has been an increase in patronage with numbers increased by 25 percent in a shortened summer season and is helping maintain a very strong swimming club.


Sea Wall

seabirdSeabird, a first time Tidy Towns Awards entrant, has very few permanent residents; however holiday-home owners and tourists swell the population. Many non-residents are also committed volunteers when in town.

The towns beachfront has suffered substantial erosion, undermining the Caravan Park and putting at risk houses that were originally at least three dunes back from the beach (20 metres).

The small but highly engaged and resourceful Seabird Progress Association (SPA), 130 members, lobbied the Shire and the State Government, organised a peaceful demonstration, raised funds through raffles and cake stalls and successfully enjoined non-resident community members through their Facebook page.  Partnerships were formed between the SPA, the Gingin Shire, the National Agricultural Catchments Council, (NACC), the Caravan Park and local businesses. 

With the assistance of Royalties for Regions ($2 million) funding that their actions obtained, a limestone seawall was commissioned and completed in July 2016. Since then, 75 volunteers have planted and continue to maintain thousands of locally sourced and propagated species in an expanse of geotextile matting installed above the sea wall.

An impressive venture for such a small community, the new seawall adds significant stability and protection to the unstable sands and vegetation in this coastal environment. Associated boardwalks, beach access ramps, and shipwreck signage add accessibility and interpretation.