Tidy Towns Judges

Joanne Gray
Joanne is Keep Australia Beautiful's longest serving judge with twelve years experience.  Joanne has a background in Environmental Science and is a Waste education officer at Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council.  Joanne lives in the Hills near Perth, but feels at home out in the regions. 

Teresa Hartnell
A Keep Australia Beautiful volunteer, Teresa was a co- judge in 2018, visiting the Goldfields.

Peter Ashton
Peter is a retired engineering consultant with over twenty years knowledge in sustainable practice. Peter lives regionally in WA and has eight years of involvement in the Awards. 

Rhonda Ashton
As a community volunteer Rhonda enjoys meeting people who are making a difference in their communities and helping spread the knowledge between regional communities.

Andrew Bagust
Hailing originally from New Zealand, Andrew has travelled extensively over WA and always picks up litter where ever he goes. Andrew has his own property company and utilises recycling, reclaiming and reuse of materials in his building projects.

Wendy Bagust
Living near the ocean Wendy sees the build up of litter at the beach and picks up litter on her daily walks.   She is interested in being part of a group that informs and encourages others to take care of their communities.

Steve Norton
Steve is the Senior Enforcement Officer at Keep Australia Beautiful WA.  Steve has been a member of the State Emergency Service for 7 years and is currently the Vice President of Triathlon WA. 

Genette Keatingis the President of the Consumers’ Association of WA. 
Genette has represented the interests of consumers on the Keep Australia Beautiful Council WA for many years. Genette is a keen environmental scientist and sustainability advocate with an extensive understanding of the concern and involvement of consumers in the numerous issues affecting our littering behaviour and its outcomes.

Shirley Brindley
Is the Program Manager of the Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Awards WA and has seven years experience of assessing communities and projects.  Shirley works with regional and remote communities in their litter prevention and sustainability initiatives.

Les Brindley
Has five years’ experience of assisting in regional visits and assessing projects.  Les is a TAFE lecturer and a community volunteer. 

Maureen Maher
For 10 years Maureen held the position of Communications and Programs Coordinator for Keep Australia Beautiful WA and worked with local, regional and remote communities on programs to promote litter prevention and sustainability. Maureen is the WA Coordinator of the national Neighbourhood Connect and in 2018 she coordinated the statewide WA Marine Debris Project. 

Roselt Croeser
Roselt is a semi-retired mining engineer and has lived in regional locations for 8 years.  He has a strong interest in sustainability which is expressed in his owner built solar passive house and electric bike project.  He is a keen gardener, with a special interest in wild gardens that incorporate edible plants and attracts birds and other wild life.