Tidy Towns 2019 Submission

The Tidy Towns 2019 Submission form

Submissions are due to Perth office by Friday 14 June, email to tidytowns@kabc.wa.gov.au 

Download the submission form 

Take time to read Tips on Writing Your Submission.  It may help you to detail your projects.

You can include the following details in your submission - 

Project Title  
Date / duration  
Project description  
Number of volunteers   
Total volunteer hours   
Broader community engagement  
Project outcomes  
  • There are seven categories
  • Write up to 400 words per project.  
  • You can dot point deails about the project 
  • You can enter more than one project in each category.
  • You can list projects to complement one main project in each category.
  • Email photos separately
  • The submission is not in itself judged 
  • Judges will visit in pairs all submitted communties and spend up to two hours in the community.

If you need any advice please call 6364 6643 or email tidytowns@kabc.wa.gov.au