Remote Community Clean ups

lolKeep Australia Beautiful Council can help remote communities to clean up litter.

What's the problem?
New and non-traditional products have resulted in increased amounts of packaging coming into remote communities.  The result can be a high level of litter and rubbish in remote communities, which can be a health, safety and environmental hazard.  Download the flyer.

Keep Australia Beautiful Council can: happier

1. Provide resources - gloves, tongs and bags.
2. Raise awareness of litter prevention in your community by holding a workshop, help run a community clean up, carry out a litter audit and help identify major types of litter.
3. Kimberley Bush Ranger groups can engage in a community clean up, conduct an audit and apply for a small grant for their group as part of a Bush Ranger activity.  Funding and program details will be discussed on completion of this form.   
4. Communities can enter the Tidy Towns Sustainable Communties Awards.  

clean up bookThe 'clean up' book is a resource that details how to prevent and reduce litter.  With this program, the community can target reducing litter by about 20% per year.  
Changing habits takes time.  The Clean up book has information on how to start and sustain a program that will see a change in littering behaviour and attitude in your community.
Keep Australia Beautiful's Clean up Community resources can help you make a difference to litter in your community.  Fill in the form and we will be in touch.
Communities are reducing litter and making a positive difference.
Halls Creek - community art 
Imintji - community working together
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