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The Shire of Capel produced a series of littering vignettes

Microplastic ballot box

Microplastic ballot box 

Ocean Remedy will use the grant to develop the AUSMAP microplastic assessment project.  They will also install a cigarette ballot box for people to dispose of their butts. The aim is to increase the knowledge and capacity of communities to take charge of the plastic litter problem and magnify community awareness of these issues, whilst providing education about how to reduce littering in their local area.


Coastal Litter Action Plan

signageThe City of Cockburn’s ‘Coastal Litter Action Plan’ aims to remove litter from the City’s beaches, thereby protecting coastal ecosystems. Litter from recreational fishing was in the top 10 list of items collected in the Cockburn beach (Australian Marine Debris Database show that from 2013-2017, 62,878 items of litter with at  total weight of 2.1 tonnes were collected from beaches from C.Y. O’Connor to Ammunitions Jetty at Woodman Point). To solve this problem, the City has installed new bins and started an education campaign targeting the fishing community. Bins and  multi-lingual signage have been installed at fishing hotspots along the City’s  coastline. The fishing community will also be surveyed to support future behaviour change programs.  

City of Cockburn - Clean Ocean Clean Catch




The City of Cockburn recieved funding for a Clean Ocean Cuppas program.  

Residents are able to collect litter in buckets provided by the City. In return for collected litter they can recieve a coffee in a resuable cup from a participating cafe.  It is envisaged that the 'pick up litter' message will be widely spread.

Collie Tidy Towns Butt Bin Project

Collie Tidy Towns were able to install cigarette butt bins and run and educational campaign to change the behaviour of discarding butts on the ground in their trails town.


Reusable bags at Shark Bay

The Shire of Shark Bay has used litter grant funds to provide education on littering and reusable bags for visitors and community members.  A clean-up with volunteers was carried out including Shire Councillors, Shire employees, visitors, families and even pets.  At the community clean up 13 large bags of litter were removed from roadside verges mainly in and out of the town. 


Community Dishes initiative

cupsGrant recipient, Vic Park Transition Network, has implemented the 'Borrow and Bring Back Community Dishes Kit'.  By Christmas day 2018, 490 items were used and reused. That’s potentially 490 pieces of single-use and disposable packaging refused.

In theory, anyone can borrow the Community Dishes kit. In practice, because it relies on trust and goodwill to ensure the items are returned (and clean), it needs to stay local and with a community focus. There is a dedicated website with further information, see -Community Dishes initiative.


Be a better BuilderSupport for a strategic approach to builder's waste

Grant recipients in 2016/17, the Shire Of Serpentine Jarrahdale used their grant to help fund a strategic and targeted approach to tackling builder's waste in conjunction with strategies already being undertaken by the Shire. Reports suggest that the signs are helping to reduce waste and give residents the information to report litterers. In one case a resident reported two builders for dumping as a result of one of the signs obtained with the grant.  The Ranger then contacted them both and the rubbish was removed the same day.