Community Clean-Ups

Make a difference in your neighbourhood

Collie cleanupDo you have unsightly litter in your local area and want to do something about it? Then organise a community clean-up or consider the Adopt-a-Spot Community Clean-Up program.

Getting involved in a clean-up is easy and can be fun and rewarding for you and your friends and family. If everyone looks after their local area, it will have a significant effect on the Western Australian environment as a whole.

By doing regular cleanups you will play an active role in keeping your nominated area tidy in a more sustainable way. While one-off clean-ups are effective in removing litter, regular clean-ups that keep an area litter-free are proven to act as a deterrent to litter.

Register your one-off clean up via our online form and you will be supplied with resources to help.

See more on the Adopt-a-Spot program and a longer term commitment to your clean-up site.

Thank you for your efforts in keeping your community beautiful.

Clean-ups on roadsides 

roadsideBecause roadsides are a high risk area for litter collection, permission must be given to proceed by local governments and Main Roads WA in some circumstances. Each clean-up request will be reviewed by Keep Australia Beautiful WA (KABWA) staff and the requesting individual or group will be advised of the suitability of the site.

KABC has a partnership with Main Roads WA (MRWA) to support volunteer groups in the regions to clean up on roads managed by MRWA. Adopt-a-Spot members must be covered by KABWA insurance and MRWA must give approval before a clean-up can commence. As part of the approval, the volunteer group supervisor must undergo a safety induction.  Note: roads under the jurisdiction of MRWA in the metropolitan area are considered high risk and permission will not be granted for clean-ups.  Read more on the process for approval.