Design a Bin Sticker

Get those pencils sharpened!

Keep Australia Beautiful WA Clean Schools is delighted to offer Western Australian schools free student-designed custom-made stickers for your bins.

This offer is open to schools registered in the Clean Schools program. To check if your school is registered, email or register here.

We will provide 18 stickers for your school in 2022.  This can include nine different designs, with two of each design printed. 

Please be aware that this offer is available to each school only once during the year.

Bin stickers are sponsored by Natsales.

To enter:

1. Email to let us know you are planning to design stickers with your students. We will discuss the size of your bins and ensure you are using the correct template.

2. Read the Design a bin sticker PowerPoint with your students. 

3. Download the sticker template

4. Email the selected design(s) (pdf) to

The Clean Schools program is supported by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account.

We look forward to seeing your artwork.