Clean Clubs


A clean game is a good game!


It's Saturday game day, there are large numbers of people on the oval playing or watching matches, the canteen and sausage sizzle are in full swing and the two rubbish bins supplied on the oval are overflowing.

Is that a familiar scenario to you?

The Clean Clubs program can help your club manage litter, encourage positive litter disposal behaviour amongst members and promote recycling. 

Responsible sporting clubs are not only helping to create sporting champions but good citizens too. If you are interested in creating a culture amongst your club members that encourages individuals to take responsibility for litter and a clean and safe playing field, then the Clean Clubs program is for you.  

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What’s the problem?

litter on lawn

Recreation grounds can attract a significant amount of rubbish, especially during weekend sporting matches and at training sessions, when the onsite bins are inadequate for the litter generated by increased crowds.

Litter often gets left for the local council officers to pick it up or hard working volunteers that should be left to running the club, may spend time picking up litter at the end of a match. Either way, it’s likely that litter such as:  plastic bags, plastic drink bottles, electrical tape, food wrappers, drink cans and chip buckets will be left lying around.

How does Clean Clubs help my club?

rubbishKeep Australia Beautiful WA will help your club manage litter and recycling by providing portable collapsible bins (that can fit in your kit bag).  Education materials can be used to get your whole team and visitors on board with litter management. 


Why should my club get involved?

clean clubs SLSCYour club already creates responsible community members by actively and passively promoting positive behaviours.

By providing the opportunity to do the right thing with litter and recycling, your club will assist us to keep WA clean, educate the public about the dangers of litter, not only to wildlife, but to the general environment.

Benefits include:

  • Less litter
  • Safer and cleaner playing fields
  • Less cleaning up for volunteers
  • Positive image of your club and sport in the wider community
  • Help create responsible community members

Meekatharra youth with pop up recycling bin

Is there much extra work for our club?

There will be minimal extra work for your club members. It will be as simple as taking portable and collapsible bins to home and away games, encouraging their use and depositing rubbish in the correct bins after training or games. Above that, there will be a small amount of reporting, so that we can get some idea of how much litter and recycling is being collected under the program. 

How does my club join?

Register online today!  

Or email or phone 6364 6660.