Bin Your Butt

First impressions count

butts in gutterIs cigarette butt litter outside your building or business premises a problem? The Bin Your Butt program can help you to tackle unsightly cigarette butt litter, change behaviours and make sure your customers and clients have a positive first impression of your business.

This education program has a range of resource materials available for use by your organisation to mount a tailored campaign to motivate your staff, customers and visitors to dispose of cigarette butts responsibly. Resources include posters, staff surveys, mock fines, pocket ashtrays and information on the environmental impacts of butts for a display.

Butts, buildings and businesses…what’s the link?

Laws in Western Australia prohibit smoking in all enclosed public places including those on licensed premises, resulting in smokers having to go outside buildings if they wish to smoke. Appropriate butt bins are not always provided, which often leads to cigarette butt litter to be found in outdoor places.

Litter counts conducted by Keep Australia Beautiful WA show cigarette butts to be the most frequently recorded type of litter in Western Australia. Annual surveys show that they account for up to 50 per cent of litter by item.

Employers in all sectors, public transport operators and commercial building designers and owners all have a part to play in managing and preventing cigarette butt litter.

For more information on cigarette butts, download a fact sheet.

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