Adopt-a-Spot clean up Report

Thanks for completing your clean up and sending us a report. We value to data you provide which help us evaluate the Adopt-a-Spot program. 

  1. This is your designated group number. Please email if you do not know yours

  2. This number will be used to estimate total volunteer time at the site.(if this report covers more than one clean-up event, please do a total of time at all clean-ups)

  3. For those who pick up small amounts of rubbish using plastic shopping bags

  4. If yes, please complete next section, Q 11,12,13,14

  5. 20. Did you pick up any of the following items (please tick for yes)
  6. Please include whether they are single items or bags

  7. Photos

    Please take some photos of your group participating in the clean up for us to use to promote the Adopt-A-Spot Program to other people in the community. Email them to

  8. Please enter your email to receive a copy of this clean up report.

  9. If this report covers numerous clean-up events, please indicate how many events.

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