Adopt-a-Spot feedback 2015

The 2015 program evaluation delivered some interesting feedback from Adopt-a-Spot participants about the impacts of their activities.

The survey question asked: Please tell us about the most significant change you have noticed as a result of your participation in the Adopt-a-Spot program in 2015. This could be changes to your site or personal impacts.

Here are just some of the responses:

  • Awareness - people are talking. We have visitors who come to town and comment to their friends as well as people noticing if areas need to be looked at. Definitely less litter!    
  • I find that people see me cleaning up and they will stop and pick up litter as they walk in our area    
  • Litter has reduced … I see others out picking up now.    
  • Removing rubbish makes a difference.....    
  • The area seems to stay a bit cleaner for longer.    
  • People that usually walk the paths one does start noticing the litter is being removed and feel grateful for it. Perhaps they will next be doing the same.     
  • Walking passing people get impressed and some of they ask where they can approach to do the same on their streets. 
  • I love to see a clean street every time I go out.     
  • Cleaner neighbourhood with less graffiti.    
  • Once clean, less litter appears    
  • More folk interested in joining, including those who live around park.  Another member saw it as another recreational area for him and his kids and now does self-clean-ups during his walks. Have joined in with other local clean-up activities too.    
  • Less repeat litter    
  • After the first clean-up the rubbish has been less obvious - hope to do a monthly clean up this year.    
  • Litter breeds so if I pick up small things daily it seems to deter other litterers.    
  • Positive feedback from other staff about the activity and from members of the public when the clean ups were underway.     
  • Less rubbish, as I believe rubbish on roads creates more rubbish.  I reported street signs that had been knocked over, Cockburn Council replaced them within a day.    
  • Less recent litter to collect each week digging for old litter i.e. brown beer bottles    
  • Looks much cleaner     
  • The amount of rubbish in my adopted site has significantly dropped    
  • I think the site stays cleaner for longer 
  • Community members are picking up rubbish along the coastal strip when taking their daily walks.     
  • On beach front it has improved 
  • Our area is a lot cleaner    
  • Sides of the road now look so much more appealing; locals are noticing; City of Armadale supportive of us and they are trying to get Water Corporation involved as quite a bit of the land belongs to them; incredible frustration with the yobbos who throw their cans and bottles out of car windows within days of us doing a clean-up (even when the bags are still on the side of the road, awaiting pickup!)    
  • Less people throwing out litter, still way to much but they are learning, worse time is the council bulk rubbish time people use the bush verge instead of their own and light rubbish not secured, so a bit of wind and its everywhere    
  • The roads that we keep an eye on have improved significantly and are litter free    
  • Once the place was cleaned the first time it seems to stay cleaner each time we go there. And so do the other places we clean regularly. As to ourselves, our commitment is stronger now.  

The Adopt-a-Spot program is the ideal way to help keep Western Australia beautiful. It's clear from the feedback, that community involvement makes a big difference. Sign up your own site today and play your part. Register here.