About Adopt-a-Spot

What is the Adopt-a-Spot program?

Adopt-a-Spot is an  anti-litter program that engages volunteers (individuals, community groups, business groups) to undertake coordinated litter clean-ups of designated sites in their communities. Sites include but are not limited to: roadsides, streets, parks, waterways, bush trails, beaches and wetlands. Participants are provided with tools and support and receive an adoption certificate to acknowledge their commitment.

Who can be involved?

Any interested individual, service club, school, household, group of residents, businesses or community association. 

Why should I consider joining the Adopt-a-Spot program? 

The program provides an easy way for people to do something simple to look after the environment and helps increase public awareness of the effects of littering. It's a perfect team building or service activity and a great way to volunteer. Getting out into nature, creating a cleaner envionment and connecting with like-minded others can be good for our physical and emotional well being too! Program evaluation shows that the program leads to significant changes for the spots involved and the people who clean up. 

I'm not part of a group, can I register as an individual?

Yes, the program is open to all Western Australians, individuals, schools, community or business groups.

What is expected of me if I adopt a spot?

Adopted are expected to adopt a site for at least two years and do three to four clean-ups per year as a minimum. We also ask that a clean-up report is submitted (this can be done online) after each clean-up.

What support is provided to participants?

All adopters recieve a clean-up kit of bags, gloves , a sharps container and tongs to assist with clean-ups. Insurance is also available if required. Safety vests are also provided to those who adopt a roadside.

Does our group get signage erected or other acknowledgement at our adopted site?

No signage or physical acknowledgement is provided at sites. Particpants do received an adoption certificate and recognition at our website photo gallery if they choose.

Can I do a clean-up on a main road? 

Yes, in some locations. Keep Australia Beautiful has a partnership with Main Roads WA (MRWA) to support volunteer groups in the regions to clean up on roads managed by MRWA. Adopters must be covered by KAB insurance and MRWA must give approval before a clean-up can commence. As part of the approval the volunteer group supervisor must undergo a safety induction.  Note: roads under the jurisdiction of MRWA in the metropolitan area are considered high risk and permission will not be granted for clean-ups.  Read more on the process for approval.