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Do you feel frustrated by seeing litter lying around your street, park or local beach?  Then why not adopt that spot and volunteer to help keep your spot litter-free.

Individuals, community groups, businesses or school communities can volunteer with the Adopt-a-Spot program and contribute to a cleaner environment. You receive free resources to help, insurance cover if you need it and an Adoption Certificate.

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How to Adopt-a-Spot:

  1. Choose your favourite site to do regular clean-ups; it could be your street, local park, waterway, bush trail, beach, roadway* or wetland.
  2. Decide on an approximate date for your first clean-up and if appropriate, invite your friends, family and neighbours to join you.
  3. Go to our registration page, register your name/group and complete the details of your site.
  4. Wait to receive our registration email and your clean-up kit by post.
  5. Check back after your clean-up via our online clean-up report and tell us what you picked up.

If you want to know more,  email the Program Coordinator

*NOTE: Applications to clean-up main roads in Western Australia require approval from Main Roads WA. Please ensure the road you want to adopt/clean up has traffic volume of less than 10,000 cars per day (see TrafficMap) and KABC will advise on the next steps once you have registered.

BBLL clean up
Byford Bag Ladies and Lads after a clean-up on their adopted roadside.

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