Unsecured loads can cause an accident, serious injury or death because:

A. Try again.

B. Try again.

C. Try again.

D. Try again.

E. Right choice!

True or False?


Ropes are the best method for restraining your load.

False. Even though a rope might feel tight, the amount of tension in it is very low. Use of webbing straps is a more effective way to tie down a load.
Right choice! Rope is not the best choice. The tension in a webbing strap is generally about 5 to 10 times more than a rope, so use straps instead.



A good way to improve grip in your ute or trailer is to put a tough rubber load mat underneath the load.

Right choice! A rubber load mat can more than halve the number of lashings needed. Use of a rubber mat improves the grip of the load.
False. Loading directly onto slippery steel decks, roof racks or A-frames should be avoided.



What is wrong with this load?
(choose one)

overloaded ute

A. That’s true, but what else is wrong?

B. That’s true, but what else is wrong?

C. That’s true, but what else is wrong?

D. Well done, that’s the right answer.



The fine for littering from a vehicle caused by an unsecured loads is:


A. Correct-don’t risk a fine-always tie down your load before you take off.

B. Try again.

C. Try again.



This image shows a well restrained load.

ute with net

Right choice! Trailer netting and tie down straps are helpful tools for restraining loads.

False. Try again.