Pick Up A Keep Bag

Next time you drop into a country roadhouse for some fuel, a drink and some snacks, grab a KEEP BAG to keep your rubbish managable until you can empty it into a bin. Remember, if the bin is full, just hold onto your rubbish just a liitle bit longer, until you can get rid of it responsibly.

These free KEEP BAGS are re-useable and compostable. You can use them over and over and over again But, we can’t keep providing these forever, so next time think about bringing you own bag along to help you keep your rubbish under control in the car!

You could also have a crack at the Bin It To Win It Quiz for a chance to win your very own Keep Australia Beautiful Council car litter bin!


Picture of the bags

Bin It To Win It Quiz


As you are travelling along you will see some new signage like the ones below popping up along major regional WA roads. The signage is designed to show the impact of litter on WA wildlife and encourage travellers to keep hold of their rubbish until they get the opportunity to dispose of it properly in a bin.

Signage example

Signage example