If you leave litter, you're rubbish

Keep Australia Beautiful WA's new anti-litter campaign targets some of this State’s most littered items, including takeaway food and beverage containers and cigarette butts.

Litter statistics as measured by the National Litter Index show that Western Australia still has high levels of litter. Litter has social, environmental and economic costs, including impacts on wildlife, costs of clean-ups and loss of visual appeal and amenity of our public spaces.

The campaign-"If you leave litter, you're rubbish"- focuses on some of the most commonly littered items, and shows the cost and the impacts on the environment. The hard hitting message reinforces the unacceptability of littering behaviour, and reminds litterers that it is illegal and that you can be fined if caught. 

Why focus on takeaway food and beverage packaging and cigarette butts?

  • According to the National Litter Index Report, cigarette butts continue to be the most littered item in Western Australia—making up 35 percent of the litter stream.
  • The Report also shows that when cigarette butts, takeaway food and beverage containers are combined, they constitute 61 per cent of littered items across the state.
  • If we just look at litter on highways alone, these items make up 47 percent of litter found.
  • In another audit by Keep Australia Beautiful during the 2016 Roadside Litter Prevention Project, beverage containers and take away food packaging contributed up to 69 per cent of the volume of litter at roadside audit sites.

The campaign aims to send a serious message to litterers and encourage all Western Australians to always bin their rubbish, because its the right thing to do.

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A3 Posters

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Keep Australia Beautiful is offering financial incentives for WA local governments to create their own anti-litter campaign on rubbish bins. Email Natsales to find out more.

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