Clean Marine

Keep our waterways litter-free

Clean Marine is an education and awareness campaign targeting the recreational fishing and boating community in Western Australia. The campaign aims to reduce litter and waste in and around marine and river environments by:

  • Increasing awareness of the effects of litter on the environment - especially the harm caused to marine animals, oceans and rivers.
  • Encouraging responsible litter disposal behaviour when people are fishing, boating or at the beach.
  • Keeping marine and river environments litter-free is not just the responsibility of fishers and boaters. It is estimated that about 80 per cent of marine debris is from land based sources. Littered items such as cigarette butts and food and beverage containers, reach the ocean and rivers through run-off from storm water drains.

The Clean Marine campaign brings together partners from across government and community, all spreading the same message - keep our waterways litter-free.

Marine litter-what’s the problem?

beach litterMarine litter (debris) not only kills and injures, but leads to great economic costs and losses to people and communities worldwide. Entanglement and ingestion are the primary types of direct damage to wildlife caused by marine debris; it can smother sea beds and it is increasingly believed to be a source of toxic substances in the marine environment.

Floating debris can be a hazard to boats; cleaning up beaches and coastal areas of litter and pollutant spills costs many thousands of dollars every year; and humans can also be at risk from items like broken glass washed up on beaches.

For more information, download the Clean Marine Fact Sheet

40 things you can do to create a clean marine environment.

Whether you are a fisher, a boatie or just hang out at home, follow these tips to keep our waterways clean. 

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