Performance management framework

Contribution to state government goals

Under an outcome based management framework, the Keep Australia Beautiful Council contributes to the State Government’s priority of ‘A liveable environment’.

Mapping government priorities

State Government Priorities
A liveable environment
Make a cleaner, more sustainable environment.


Litter Prevention Strategy Priorities
  1. Research and data. To understand the type and extent of littering in WA. To develop litter  prevention activities based on a range of data.
  2. Education, awareness and training. To increase public knowledge and willingness to participate in maintaining a litter-free environment. Increase understanding in the community of the need for materials to be recycled in the same way as they do at home. To train enforcement officers to support litter reduction initiatives and monitor littering.
  3. Litter prevention tools. To facilitate appropriate infrastructure and services to reduce littering and increase recycling across WA.
  4. Enforcement. To ensure effective and efficient enforcement of the current litter legislation.
  5. Incentives. To encourage, reward and provide appropriate resources to people to change their behaviour with regard to litter.
  6. Collaboration and partnerships. Encourage and work with stakeholders to identify their responsibilities and manage their roles in litter and waste management in a coordinated and consistent manner.
  7. Legislation and policy. Develop and communicate position statements on high priority litter issues identified in the National Litter Index and other programs.


Keep Australia Beautiful Council role
Apply KABC Fund moneys to develop and deliver a range of programs and initiatives to promote litter prevention and recycling throughout Western Australia that support:
  • collection of robust data
  • attitude and behaviour change
  • community participation
  • enforcement of the Litter Act
  • provision of materials and tools to the community and partner organisations.