Operational structure

Mission: To provide leadership, support and services necessary to ensure that all Western Australians live in a clean and litter-free environment.

A primary purpose of the Litter Act 1979 (Litter Act) is to establish the Keep Australia Beautiful Council. It has a wide range of general powers and functions associated with litter established by Part IV – prevention of litter, Part V – Enforcement, proceedings and penalties, and Part VI – Regulations and rules, with 16 functions being set out in full in the Second Schedule of the Litter Act:

  • educate members of the public in, and to awaken, stimulate, encourage and maintain the interest of members of the public in, and to promote public knowledge of, the correct disposal of waste items
  • foster and encourage the appreciation of clean and well-kept cities and countryside
  • safeguard the character and beauty of the Australian landscape through the prevention of litter
  • preserve and improve the appearance of our environment in the schools, in factories, shops and offices, in parks, beaches and recreation places and along the roadside by the prevention of litter
  • make recommendations and submit proposals to the Minister from time to time with respect to regulations to be made under this Act
  • promote litter prevention through publicity of all kinds, design and distribution of litter receptacles and encouragement of suitable legislation
  • promote awareness of, and encouragement of, litter recycling maintain continuous and effective campaigns against the disfigurement of the landscape by litter and to encourage a responsible community attitude to cleanliness in all public places
  • study available research, and development in the field, regarding litter control, removal, disposal and recycling and to study methods for the implementation of such research and development
  • cooperate, where considered desirable by the Council with other organizations within the State or elsewhere on questions relating to all forms of pollution and generally to work for a clean healthy environment
  • serve as the coordinating agency between organizations seeking to aid the anti-litter effort
  • liaise with local governments with a view to ensuring that the provisions of this Act are enforced in the districts of those local governments
  • cooperate with local governments to accomplish coordination of local anti-litter efforts 
  • encourage, organize and coordinate voluntary local anti-litter campaigns seeking to focus the attention of the public on programmes to control and remove litter
  • take appropriate measures to bring the provisions of this Act to the attention of the public
  • do such other acts and things as are conducive to the prevention and control of litter.

KABC provides a strategic overview and monitors implementation of programs in the annual business plan and provides advice to the Minister as requested.

KABC receives a grant from the Waste Authority and DWER. It also receives revenue from litter fines and enforcement and from program sponsorship from MRWA and Mars Wrigley. During 2018-19 corporate functions and services were provided by DWER through a service level agreement.

Responsible Minister

The KABC reports to the Minister for Environment, Hon. Stephen Dawson MLC, as the minister responsible for the Litter Act.