Government and public sector relationship

A communications agreement between KABC and the Minister for Environment was signed on 3 May 2018.

Governance disclosures

KABC’s corporate governance arrangements ensure transparency in decision-making and operation, as well as accountability to stakeholders. No disclosures of potential conflicts of interest were made by members of KABC during the year.

Ethics and integrity

KABC’s Code of Conduct outlines how KABC commits to operating in the community and in its relationship with the Minister’s Office, DWER and with staff in KABC Services. Procurement practices follow state government guidelines and procurement policy.

Organisational structure

Under section 16 of the Litter Act, KABC is provided with the services and facilities of any officer employed in the public service. Services are provided by staff who are employed by DWER under provisions of the Public Sector Management Act 1994. Officers are subject to the DWER’s human resources policy, information technology and administrative processes, and other policy matters regulated by the Financial Management Act 2006 and Treasurer’s Instructions. 

Staff in KABC services

Staff status DWER (Keep Australia Beautiful Council Services) staff Keep Australia Beautiful Chairman Total
Full-time permanent 7*   7*
Part-time permanent 3   3
Full-time contract 1^   1^
Part-time contract   1 1
Vacant 1~   1~
Total 12 1 13

* since 10 December 2018
^ to 28 September 2018
~ to 10 December 2018

A service level agreement (SLA) for the provision of services between DWER and KABC was implemented. The SLA set out the parties’ understanding of their respective statutory and other legal functions and obligations through a statement of expectations and performance deliverables for provision of services. The value of the functions costed in the SLA was calculated to be $261,276.


KABC’s Code of Conduct outlines how KABC ensures official information remains confidential, describes the process for public interest disclosure and provides guidance on freedom of information.

KABC ensures that records of decisions and all other documentation are securely retained. Minutes of KABC meetings are circulated to members with meeting agenda papers.

Recordkeeping plan 

The Keep Australia Beautiful Council complies with the State Records Act 2000 through adherence to the DWER’s recordkeeping plan. The Keep Australia Beautiful Council follows the procedures required under the Act.

Keep Australia Beautiful Council publications

During 2018–19 new publications released on KABC’s website were:

  • KABC Annual Report 2017-18
  • Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Awards Snapshots publication
  • Events and Sponsorship Guidelines and Application form
  • Clean up Community – remote clean-ups and litter audits flyer.