Executive summary

Education and awareness

Care for Hedland Adopt-a-Spot group with many bags after a clean-up

In 2018-19 the following results were achieved:

  • Adopt-a-Spot engaged 234 new adopter groups compared with 200 in 2017-18.
  • An additional six clubs joined the Clean Clubs program, taking the total number of clubs registered for the program to 170.
  • A total of $56,266 in funding was awarded to community projects targeting litter through the Community Litter Grants scheme, a sizable increase on the $44,518 awarded in 2017-18.
  • 9,500 Outback Packs were assembled, a 30 per cent increase on 2018-19. 9,050 were distributed, which was slightly fewer than the 9,475 distributed in the previous financial year.
  • 64,000 car litter bags, 89,000 large rubbish and recycling collection bags, and 200 pocket ashtrays were provided to Adopt-a-Spot groups and other community groups, businesses and local governments.

Research and data

The Western Australian National Litter Index results for 2018-19 show a steady decrease in the amount of litter by number of items per 1000m2 of 7.5 per cent and by volume per 1000m2 of 15.7 per cent since last year.


KABC implemented actions under memoranda of understanding (MOU) with five local governments,
WALGA, Tangaroa Blue Foundation and MRWA.


The KABC brand and anti-litter message was promoted across a range of local governments, events and activities in 2018-19, with the ongoing ‘Bin it—you know it’s the right thing to do’ anti-litter campaign as  the overarching message. The campaign ‘If you leave litter, you’re rubbish’ also continued to be  promoted in 2018-19.


In 2018-19 there were an additional 1,057 Western Australians registered to become litter reporters. A total of 2,295 reports were received which resulted in 1,853 infringements being issued.

Tidy Towns

The Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities program received 32 registrations in 2018. The state awards were held at Fraser’s Restaurant in Kings Park. Collie was the overall State winner and the town went on  to receive two awards at the national event in April 2019.

Special projects

KABC Services officers visited Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Christmas Island and delivered litter prevention education and community engagement programs, and conducted marine debris analysis, as part of DWER’s service delivery arrangement with the Commonwealth Government.