Disclosures and legal compliance

Ministerial directives

Under the Litter Act, the Minister for Environment may give written directions to KABC, either generally or in relation to particular matters. KABC did not receive any ministerial directions during 2018-19.

Pricing policies

KABC charges fees on a cost-recovery basis for goods for sale through its website.


The remuneration of KABC members is determined by the Governor of Western Australia, on recommendation of the Public Sector Commissioner, in accordance with the Public Sector Management Act 1994. Only the chairman receives remuneration. Some members receive payment of a travel allowance. Annual remuneration is outlined in Table 7:

Position Name Period of appointment Annual renumeration Gross renumeration*
Chairman Michael Aspinall 24 December 2018 – 31  December 2021 $13,000 $14,189

* Includes benefits (such as travel allowances and superannuation) and goods and services tax.

Director and officer liability insurance

KABC members are insured with RiskCover for Workers’ Compensation, Property and Business Interruption, General Liability, Professional Liability, Personal Accident - Board Members, Personal Accident – Voluntary Workers, Personal Accident – Work Experience, Travel, and Cyber Liability.

KABC held nine meetings during 2018-19. Meetings were held every second month from 21 February 2019. There was no meeting in January 2019.

Member Meetings attended
William Adams** 3
Michael Aspinall 9
Jeff Anderton^ 6
Don Burnett** 2
Lisa Fanciulli** 3
Howard Flinders 5
Malcolm Jenkinson^ 4
Genette Keating 9
Jason Menzies** 3
Ken Parker^ 4
Christine Parfitt** 1
Michael Tuffin^ 6

** New Council member as of 1 January 2019
^ Outgoing Council member as of 31 December 2018

Employment and industrial relations

KABC does not employ staff.

Other legal requirements

Section 175ZE of the Electoral Act 1907 requires the inclusion of a statement detailing all advertising expenditure incurred by the Keep Australia Beautiful Council.

Program Agency $
KABC Appointments Government Gazette 135
KABC Call for Members AdCorp 3,168
Tidy Towns Mulga Mail 357
Tidy Towns Albany Weekender 202
Adopt-a-Spot Great Southern Weekender 382
Bin it Campaign/Moonlight Cinema Carat 33,435
Bin it Campaign Prime Media Group 17,480
Bin it Campaign Facebook 524
Bin it Campaign Natsales 6,836
National Recycling Week Mitchell Communication 1,713
Gibb River Road Project Derby Visitor Centre 600
  Total $64,832