Keep Australia Beautiful Council members

Council Members

In December 2015 the Minister for Environment appointed a new Chairperson and members to the Keep Australia Beautiful Council for 2016-2018

Chairperson - Mr Michael Aspinall

Mr Aspinall brings more than 10 years' experience as a councillor and member of the Western Australian Local Government Association and is retired Shire President for the Shire of Gin Gin. Mr Aspinall has a long standing interest in waste management issues, including litter prevention and is also a member of the Municipal Waste Advisory Council. 

Deputy Chair – Jeff Anderton

Mr Anderton has been a member of the Keep Australia Beautiful Council WA since 2003 representing the Conservation Council of Western Australia. Mr Anderton has a wealth of experience in environmental matters and is currently the Chair of the Port Kennedy Land Conservation District Committee and the President of the Baldivis Landcare Group as well as a Roadside Conservation Committee member. He is also a member of the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions Conservation Committee and Mining Liaison Group. 

Members of Council

  • Ms Genette Keating-Community member representing the interests of consumers
  • Mr Howard Flinders-Department of Education and Training, AUSSI Schools program
  • Mr Michael Tuffin-Department of Parks and Wildlife
  • Mr Malcolm Jenkinson  - Western Australian Local Government Association (City of Joondalup)
  • Dr Kenneth Parker-Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

Deputy Members of Council

  • Dr Shayne Silcox-Western Australian Local Government Association- metropolitan
  • Ms Kerry Thiess-Conservation Council WA

Some positions remain vacant.