2018 highlights

Keep Australia Beautiful Council WA (KABC WA) says thanks to the thousands of Western Australians who have contributed in 2018 to keep Western Australia beautiful. 

Whether you have volunteered with us; helped spread the anti-litter message to your friends, families and communities; participated in our programs or partnered with us on our anti-litter projects - we appreciate your time, energy, passion and the difference you make.

Litter Reporting

Dog placing litter in bin

This year we issued 1,508 infringements to litterers and we had 685 new people join the Litter Reporting program. That’s about four infringements and two new people coming on board, every day.  Now, over 13,500 people are in the program.

Tidy Towns

In August 2018, Collie was awarded the State Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Award. Congratulations to all the finalists and award winners. It is very promising to see such a diverse community addressing local environmental issues and working together — each making their own community a great place to live.

In 2019 KABC WA is celebrating 50 years of Tidy Towns.

Clean Schools

A clean schools group after a clean-upWe had 63 schools register for the Clean Schools program in 2018. There are now 563 organisations registered for the program.

We conducted webinars and school visits which included lessons, workshops, and clean-up events. 

Clean Clubs

Twenty-four new sports clubs joined our Clean Clubs program and KABC WA distributed 368 pop-up rubbish bins, 100 pop-up recycle bins and 3,000 orange bags to sports clubs.


An adopt-a-spot group after a clean-upIn 2018, 232 clean-ups were reported to KABC WA that collected over 1,800 orange rubbish bags, including 361 bags of recycled material.

Over 1,000 individuals/organisations are registered for the Adopt-a-Spot program and can carry out clean-up activities in their adopted spots.

Marine Debris Project

In April/May 2018, the Indian Ocean Territories Marine Debris Project (marine debris project) saw 11 self-funded volunteers join local community members, staff from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and Tangaroa Blue to undertake nine marine debris collections and analysis over a two week period. The team collected and categorised 138,781 items weighing 4,270 kilos and entered these into the Australian Marine Debris Initiative Database.

In October, 45 volunteers gathered to remove 45 kilos of litter from the beach and surrounding area under the marine debris project.

Litter Grants

Portable filtered water stationKABC WA provided $54,000 of litter grant funding to worthy recipients to support projects and resources that seek to change littering behaviour including: the purchasing of water bottle refill stations, signage/materials to promote the anti-litter message and community education resources.

Outback Packs

Nine thousand outback packs were assembled and distributed by schools and people carrying out community service, to support reducing litter and make cleaning up the State easier for travellers.