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LITTLE Committee

Keep Australia Beautiful WA is pleased to announce the winners of its LITTLE competition.

LITTLE stands for Leading Integrated Taskforce Tackling Litter Everywhere.  It is a national program implemented by Keep Australia Beautiful and aims at tackling litter across Australia using young people to change the littering behaviour of adults as research has shown they are the main litterers. 

The LITTLE taskforce consists of 10 students from each state and territory who promote the anti-litter message, through advertisements, competitions etc.  Lachlan Moir from Broome is the Western Australian LITTLE committee representative.


Sustainable Cities Awards, Perth 2013

LR - Robert Thomas KABNA Chairman; Lachlan Moir, WA rep for The LITTLE Committee; Josh Byrne, Presenter for Gardening Australia.

LITTLE competition 

KAB (WA) ran a LITTLE competition looking for innovative and original ideas to get adults to stop littering that Lachlan can take back to the LITTLE committee.

We had over 80 entries and it was difficult to pick the final 3.  The winner was outstanding. 

1st was Sonya Kyi (14) from Mandurah who attends Rossmoyne SHS (year 9).  Sonya’s entry was fantastic.  She had put in an enormous amount of thought and effort and her entry was very thorough.
These are some of the ideas that have helped her win the prize of the iPad.

  • Car companies install bins in vehicles
  • Boats must have bins
  • Bins on public transport
  • Free cigarette bins (we actually already do have small pocket bins for cigarettes)
  • Create a shocking video on devastating impact of litter
  • Emphasise laws and fines for littering
  • As you can see a pretty amazing entry!

2nd was Adam Gootkin (10) from Dianella who also had some great ideas and his entry was very thorough.  Adam thought using a famous person who is idolised by the particular age group targeted (adults) would be more effective (in a similar way to Kevin the crab who targets young adults)

  • Name and shame campaign
  • Use social media to frighten people not to litter (see last page of his entry)

3rd was Jack Farmer(12)  for his idea of a Litter fun run where runners collect litter as they run and winners are determined by how much rubbish they collect, not just the time.

A consolation prize was also sent to Georgia Street who had the amazing idea of Litter Flickers.  These are sporting balls that have a litter bag inside that you can fill up with rubbish as you play and then dispose of the rubbish correctly.  What a brilliant idea, but one aimed at young people, not adults, so not able to win the competition.

Sonya will be presented with her prize on Monday 6th August at the school assembly. 

Keep Australia Beautiful (WA) Program Manager Jennie Anderton was very impressed with the quality of the winning entries and is looking forward to implementing some of the anti-litter strategies that the students have thought of.

Lachlan is looking forward to taking the winning entries to the LITTLE committee for further action.

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