Low waste ideas for the Festive Season

5 ways to reduce your waste this festive season


Enjoy a festive season with less waste this year, reduce your impact and tap into your hidden creativity in the process! 


 1. Use alternative gift-wrap such as tea-towels or a lovely piece of fabric. Don't buy plastic ribbon, but use coloured string, garden twine, cloth ribbons or braid that can be re-used.


bag 2. Say no to plastic bags at the checkout and always take your reusable bags with you on your shopping trips. Avoid heavily packaged gift items, opt for local sellers and good market buys. Email us at kabc@kabc.wa.gov.au for a free shopping bag.




 3. Check out websites like Pinterest or Etsy for some homemade gift inspiration. Tap into your hidden talents, learn something new and give a gift from the heart that is home made by you or others.






 4.  Repurpose old cards to make gift tags. Get out the scissors, glue and some colourful ribbon and cut up those discarded birthday cards or last years Christmas cards. 



 5. Use proper plates and cutlery rather than disposable ones. Don't assume people prefer disposable plates to make things easier for everyone to clean up. Most people like eating off real plates and doing the dishes together after a wonderful meal can extend the time with friends and family and share your gratitude! 


Enjoy your festive season celebrations!


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