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Tidy Towns Sustainable Communties

Tidy Towns Sustainable Communties is an annual awards program that acknowledges regional communities who foster sustainable behaviours and a litter-free environment.

According to Keep Australia Beautiful National (who manage the Australian Tidy Towns awards) over 1,000 communities and 90,000 volunteers engage in the Tidy Towns competition each year with projects contributing over $100 million in volunteer labour.

In Western Australia Tidy Towns entrants are eligible to win awards at regional, state and national levels. Please see the side tabs for comprehensive information on the program, past entrants and the 2014 timeline.

Latest News

Central Wheatbelt, Goldfields, Pilbara and Kimberley Regional Winners. 

Friday 12 September was a big day for Tidy Towns with four regions' events taking place.  Results are below.

Toodyay wins Central Wheatbelt and Southern Cross wins Goldfields Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Title 

Toodyay are Central Wheatbelt Regional Winners

Southern Cross are Goldfields Regional Winner

Congratulations to all winners 

Media Release

Toodyay and Southern Cross Tidy Towns winners

Toodyay and Southern Cross have won the Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities titles for
the Central Wheatbelt and Goldfields regions respectively.
Keep Australia Beautiful WA chairman Mel Hay congratulated both towns and said they
were worthy winners of the regional awards announced in Kellerberrin.
Mr Hay said Toodyay, a proactive community with an extremely well organised Tidy Towns
committee, had taken home the regional title for the second year in a row.
“Toodyay has more than 40 groups and partnerships focused on litter prevention and
conservation of the natural environment and volunteers contributed an amazing 14,400
hours to projects last year,” he said.
“The town’s Adopt-a-Spot litter prevention project has 900 community members picking up
litter – that’s 20 per cent of Toodyay’s population.”
Projects that impressed the judges included construction of the 5.6km Bilya Walk Track by
Toodyay Friends of the River and the John Masters bird hide for viewing local and migratory
Likewise, Mr Hay praised the Goldfields town of Southern Cross for its community spirit and
work ethic.
“Southern Cross has experienced severe drought for the past five years with businesses
closing, farmers walking off the land and a declining population,” he said.
“Nevertheless, the community has become quite proficient at making every drop of water
count and at banding together as a community to nurture youth and community members on
all levels.”
Mr Hay said the “St Fire Ball” group was a great example of Southern Cross’s community
spirit with volunteers from St John Ambulance, the local fire brigade and football clubs
collecting and selling scrap from mine sites and farms to raise money for emergency service
equipment and local community groups.
This year’s Central Wheatbelt and Goldfields category winners are:
· Community Action and Partnerships: Toodyay
· General Appearance: Joint Winners: Nungarin and Cunderdin
· Waste Management and Litter Prevention: Toodyay
· Natural Environment Conservation: Kalgoorlie-Boulder
· Heritage and Culture: Southern Cross
· Water Conservation: Merredin
· Energy Innovation: York
· Young Legends: Wongan Hills
Special commendations were also awarded to Ronice Blair for outstanding service to the
Southern Cross community and Damien O’Reilly of Cunderdin’s SoarAbility who is using a
specially modified flight simulator to bring the sport of gliding to the disabled.  
Certificates of appreciation were awarded to Menzies, Kellerberrin and Chittering.
Toodyay and Southern Cross will compete with other regional winners for the overall WA
Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities title in November.  

One Arm Point (Ardyaloon) is the Kimberley Regional Winner

and Exmouth is Pilbara Regional Winner

Gavin Hunter and Dennis Davey from One Arm Point

Media Release

Keep Australia Beautiful WA Chairman Mel Hay congratulated One Arm Point residents for
winning the regional award which was announced in South Hedland.
“The Bardi Jawi culture is very strong and the people of One Arm Point have worked
together to make their community a sustainable and beautiful place to live,” he said.
The community produced ‘Leave No Trace’ publications in their own language and Bardi
Jawi Rangers placed painted 44-gallon drums around the community to collect rubbish.
“The One Arm Point community has made it clear that all rubbish must be removed by
builders, service providers and any visitors to the community,” said Mr Hay.
“This is a great positive step for the future of the community.”
The community also brought home 100 sacred objects and artefacts from the WA Museum.
The repatriation program, a 16-year project in conjunction with the Kimberley Aboriginal Law
and Culture Centre, aimed to return “lost” items to safe storage areas on the country from
which they came.
“This is of special significance to the community,” said Mr Hay.
“By bringing these objects back, the Bardi Jawi people believe they are regaining dignity,
regaining pride and regaining and keeping their culture strong.”
Tidy Towns’ judges were also impressed with plans for solar panels to greatly reduce
energy costs and the community’s foresight in investigating the use of tidal power, earning
One Arm Point the regional Energy Innovation Award for 2014.
This year’s Kimberley region category winners are:
· Community Action and Partnerships: Imintji
· General Appearance: Joy Springs (Eight Mile)
· Waste Management and Litter Prevention: Yungngora (Noonkanbah)
· Natural Environment Conservation: Broome
· Heritage and Culture: One Arm Point (Ardyaloon)
· Water Conservation: Not awarded
· Energy Innovation: One Arm Point (Ardyaloon)
· Young Legends: Yiyili
Special commendations went to Wangkatjungka for progress towards a sustainable
community, Beagle Bay’s Kimberley Regional Service Providers (KRSP) for leading the way
in keeping the community litter free and Bidyadanga for tidying up gardens and yards.
One Arm Point will compete with other regional winners for the overall WA Tidy Towns
Sustainable Communities title in November.

Exmouth wins Pilbara Regional Award Title 

Media Release

Keep Australia Beautiful WA Chairman Mel Hay said Exmouth had successfully recovered
from a recent flood crisis to take out the award which was announced in South Hedland
“Exmouth has done an extraordinary job of revitalising its town centre, particularly following
the flooding in April when the town had an incredible 260 millimetres of rain in just 24
hours,” he said.
“Exmouth is undergoing a $10 million revitalisation of its town centre thanks to Royalties for
Regions funding assistance,” he said.
“The revitalisation involves expanded and improved parking, paving, conversion to
underground power, street modifications, new public toilets, landscaping and facility
upgrades, including the now-complete revamp of Federation Park and a new water spray
In addition, Mr Hay said strong youth engagement and development activities in the town
had made Exmouth a strong contender in most of the Tidy Towns categories and a worthy
Pilbara region winner.
“Exmouth residents volunteered almost 2,000 hours for projects that protected cultural and
natural heritage values and a litter-free environment,” he said.
This year’s Pilbara region category winners are:
· Community Action and Partnerships: Marble Bar
· General Appearance: Newman
· Waste Management and Litter Prevention: Wickham
· Natural Environment Conservation: Hedland
· Heritage and Culture: Exmouth
· Water Conservation: Karratha
· Energy Innovation: Hedland
· Young Legends: Exmouth
Exmouth will compete with other regional winners for the overall WA Tidy Towns
Sustainable Communities title in November.
Special commendations went to the Roebourne Men’s Group for providing a supportive,
non-judgemental environment to address social and cultural issues and the Karratha
Environmental Group for providing leadership and assistance with environmental and
sustainability issues around Karratha and beyond.

Albany wins South Coast and West Arthur wins Great Southern Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities titles for 2014 

Janice King and Cr Kevin King accept the award for West Arthur

Keep Australia Beautiful WA chairman Mel Hay congratulated both towns and said they were worthy winners of the regional awards announced in Bremer Bay today.

“Perhaps our most enduring entrant, the Keep Albany Beautiful committee, has been continuously operating for 42 years,” he said.

Mark Ford, Kevin Rule, Alice Rule and Janice Ford receive the South Coast Regional Award form Cr Rob Lester.

“Apart from managing Albany’s Tidy Towns submission each year, the committee runs a popular garden competition, sponsors an art competition for all local schools, organises tree planting events, provides support to other groups and is committed to purchasing seating and tables for public parks and spaces around the city”. 

Mr Hay said Albany had also introduced an initiative to recognise local people who collected rubbish on their regular walks, jogs and bike rides using a map in the library where residents can nominate the areas they clean.

“We applaud this well organised, collaborative group,” he said.

The judges also praised the Luke Pan Walk which promotes the history of indigenous and non-indigenous use of the Kalgan River, a new boardwalk with interpretive signs to improve access to historic Aboriginal fish traps at Oyster Harbour and the restoration of Yakamia Creek to a ‘living stream’.

Mr Hay said West Arthur had holistic, long-term planning and had engaged in extensive community consultation over the past 12 months.

“The Shire’s corporate business plan identifies support for the Tidy Towns committee and its initiatives to encourage and promote a sustainable community,” he said.  

As well as significant infrastructure upgrades using volunteer labour and contributions from the community, the judges were impressed by the town’s youth focus and heritage initiatives.

These included the launch of a book on Moodiarrup Hall and maintenance projects, such as fencing at the station mater’s house and reducing the fire load at the historic Duranillin School. The Youth Advisory Committee is also very active, despite the loss of Darkan’s district high school, meeting regularly to discuss activities for school holidays.

South Coast and Great Southern category winners are:

  • ·         Community Action and Partnerships:  West Arthur
  • ·         General Appearance: Norseman
  • ·         Waste Management and Litter Prevention: Bremer Bay
  • ·         Natural Environment Conservation:  Esperance
  • ·         Heritage and Culture: Albany
  • ·         Water Conservation:  Albany
  • ·         Energy Innovation:  West Arthur
  • ·         Young Legends:  Albany

Special commendations went to the Wellstead Tidy Towns Committee for planning towards Wellstead’s 50th anniversary next year and to Andrew Brinsden for his passion and leadership in keeping Denmark beautiful and its history alive.

Albany and West Arthur will compete with other regional winners for the overall WA Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities title in November.

Three Springs has taken out the first regional Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities title for 2014.

Three Springs representatives received the top regional award

The new Three Springs mural

Keep Australia Beautiful WA chairman Mel Hay said Three Springs had performed well across all categories to win the Midwest-Gascoyne regional title which was announced in Guilderton today.

“The Three Springs community has a vision to integrate environmental protection, social advancement and economic sustainability through impressive partnerships between its shire, industry, businesses, service groups and schools,” he said.

“We congratulate the Three Springs community for its approach to preserving its history as well as planning for the future.

“The community is creating opportunities to bring tourism to the town, looking after the natural environment and adopting a revitalisation plan.”

The judges praised Three Springs for engaging its community in several successful projects including restoring heritage-listed Duffy’s store, beautifying the town’s main street and upgrading the bridge which links Three Springs with Perenjori.

They also were impressed with Three Springs’ innovative mine site lookout which has been built at an old waste dump at Imerys Talc Mine. With 360-degree views of the local countryside, the lookout has new interpretive signs and is fully fenced for public safety.

This year’s Midwest-Gascoyne category winners are:

  • ·         Community Action and Partnerships:  Guilderton
  • ·         General Appearance: Kalbarri
  • ·         Waste Management and Litter Prevention: Meekatharra
  • ·         Natural Environment Conservation:  Dongara Port Denison
  • ·         Heritage and Culture: Northampton
  • ·         Water Conservation:  Kalbarri
  • ·         Energy Innovation:  Moora
  • ·         Young Legends:  Murchison Settlement

Special commendations were also awarded to Cervantes Ratepayers & Progress Association, Coral Bay Progress Association and Central Midlands Senior High School’s Heather Smith, who was congratulated for her outstanding leadership in sustainable behaviour education.

Three Springs will compete with other regional winners, yet to be announced, for the overall WA Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities title in November.

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