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Cigarette Butt Litter

Cigarette butt litter is a priority litter issue on both a National and State basis. According to the latest Keep Australia Beautiful National Litter Audit, cigarette butts comprise 46% of the national litter stream and 42% of the Western Australia litter stream (by item).

The current fine for littering of a cigarette butt in Western Australia is $200, however this is set to increase with the proposed amendments to the Litter Act.

Public Place Smoking Prohibition

From 31 July 2006 smoking was prohibited in all enclosed public places including those on licensed premises throughout Western Australia. Appropriate action must be taken to prevent an increase in cigarette butt litter in the surrounds on enclosed public places such as pubs, sporting clubs, nightclubs and restaurants following the ban.

The Litter Management in Designated Outdoor Smoking Areas brochure aims to provide information to employers and building managers on the effects of cigarette butt litter and advice on managing it in designated outdoor smoking areas.

You can read more from the Department of Health -

Smoking in enclosed public places

Smoke free outdoor eating areas

Cigarette Butt Litter Infrastructure

There is a multitude of appropriate cigarette butt litter infrastructure available, including personal ashtrays, butt bins, wall mounted ashtrays, windproof ashtrays, freestanding poles or ashtrays, stickers and signage

For further details on the types and suppliers of cigarette butt litter infrastructure please refer to the list* below.

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Kimberley Health Service wages war on cigarette butts

Photo: Ronda Crerar and Les Therkettle from the Kununurra Health Service with their new butt bin
Ronda Crerar and Les Therkettle from the Kununurra Health Service with their new butt bin


Photo: Stubby Pocket Ashtray



image - order butt bins




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