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Preventing Litter

There are many things you can do which will prevent you from littering your local area and affecting your local waterways.


Hazardous household chemicals should be properly disposed of through a Hazardous Waste Transfer Centre. For more information ring the Department of Environment on 6364 6500.


Wash your car on your lawn or nature strip and avoid strong detergents as these can damage the grass. Most commercial carwashes use recycled water.

Cigarette butts

Use the special bins for cigarette butts around local area and at public transport stops. Contact the manager of the building in which you work about installing and emptying butt bins outside the building. Carrying a personal ashtray is a good way of avoiding littering when bins are not available.

Junk mail

Advertising material must be distributed according to the law. At home, all mail deliveries should be left either under the door or in a letterbox. If your letterbox has a 'no junk mail' label (or equivalent), junk mail may not be placed in it. Unwanted advertising material should be reported to the Distributions Standards Board (1800 676 136).

Shopping Trolleys

TrolleyTracker is all about information - passing timely and accurate information from members of the public and councils directly to trolley collectors so wayward trolleys can be returned to their stores. Working together we can help protect our environment. Contact Trolley Tracker on 1800 641 497 or visit for more information.

Dog Poo

It is your responsibility as the owner to collect those little messages your dog leaves behind when you go for a walk. It is not only unsightly but really unpleasant for those who come after you. Many councils have local laws in place regarding dog poo on their streets and in their parks. Some provide special bags and bins in their parks.

Posting bills

Councils can spend a lot on cleaning up after illegal posted bills which include flyers and advertising material.

It is illegal to post bills without the permission of the property owner under the Litter Act 1979. Offenders, including those who instruct others to put up bills illegally, can be fined.

Plastic Bags

Plastic shopping bags cannot be recycled via domestic recycling collections but they can be reused.

Community Newspapers

Community Newspapers must be distributed according to the law. Some councils have allowed Community Newspapers to be delivered by warping and rolling them on to residential properties. If you do not wish to receive your newspaper please call (08) 6330 9175 or (08) 63309172 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


  South Perth foreshore following Skyworks 2005
South Perth foreshore following Skyworks 2005


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