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Litter Reporting

Throwing or dropping litter, even unintentionally, is an offence according to the Litter Act 1979. Dumping rubbish of any kind on any land not specified as a waste facility is also considered littering and attracts the same penalties under the Litter Act.

The Keep Australia Beautiful Council has a Litter Reporter Scheme where littering associated with vehicles can be reported.

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Litter Report number: 1300 00 REPORT (1300 00 737678)

To become a Litter Reporter

Litter reporters are able to report someone throwing litter or dumping matter from a car, trailer or boat to KABC by:

When reporting littering you need to take note of the:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Make, model and colour of the vehicle
  • Date, time and place that the offence was committed
  • Type of litter that was deposited
  • Description of the offender
  • Whether it was the driver or passenger.

When a litter report is fully completed, KABC will issue the offender with a fine corresponding to the type of litter.

You are able to report littering from cars to your local council, by providing them with the same details.


In order to maintain your confidentiality, reporters are assigned a number so that your name and address do not have to appear on the card.  Watch our litter report ad.

About litter reporting

The registered owner of the vehicle is considered to have committed the offence unless they can give the name of any person authorised by the registered owner to use the vehicle at that time.

The driver is also responsible for their passengers in relation to this offence unless they can give the name and contact details of the passenger concerned.

When littering or dumping from a vehicle is reported to the KABC, a fine or infringement notice is issued to the registered owner. If the registered owner was not the person responsible, there is a section on the infringement notice which can be filled in to give the name and contact details of the person responsible.

If the driver has not committed the offence they may fill in a statutory declaration stating that they did not throw/drop the litter and that they did not see who did. This can be sent to KABC where the fine will be reviewed. It is an offence to make a false or misleading statement on a statutory declaration.

KABC  advises litter reporters that the use of mobile phones / devices whilst in control of a motor vehicle is against the law ( ). We appreciate the photos of vehicles and offences that you send us however we must make it clear that if you choose to use your mobile phone / device whilst driving you may be fined. KABC will not accept any liability for people being fined for using a mobile phone / device whilst in control of a motor vehicle. Please see below the website for the Office of Road Safety

Company vehicles

Where the vehicle is a company vehicle, the registered owner who receives the fine may send a statutory declaration stating that they did not throw/drop or dump the litter and name the person who was authorised by them to use the vehicle at the time. The declaration must include the name and address of that authorised person. If the owner wishes KABC to consider any other relevant facts relating to the offence, which could disprove the reported litter offence, these must included in the statutory declaration.

Note: All the above options require a Statuatory Declaration. An ordinary letter, fax or e-mail is not acceptable.

Want to become a Litter Reporter?

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