Cocos Keeling Islands Marine Debris Project 2017

Marine Debris Project: Saturday 18 March -Saturday 25 March 2017.

Seeking volunteers to make a positive impact on this beautiful island paradise...

Ocean plastic pollution is a growing issue in many parts of the world, with the potential to severely impact on wildlife, human health and tourism economy. Investing in the research and awareness if these issues now, will ensure that we all have beautiful places to visit into the future.

rubbishThe Cocos Keeling Islands (CKI) Marine Debris Project is targeting off-island visitors to volunteer for seven days to contribute to the inaugural 2017 beach clean-up event.

The Cocos community of 600 people are overwhelmed with the mammoth task of keeping their tropical paradise exactly that. With the help of off-island volunteers, this community will feel they are not alone in the ongoing battle of rubbish that floats in with each tide. We are aiming to attract approximately 20 volunteers to the islands to pick up, count and record the debris, the majority washing in from offshore sources.  


This is a self funded volunteering opportunity. All clean up equipment, transport on island and lunches will be provided. Volunteers will have to fund their own airfares, accomodation and other meals. 

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