Bin it

About the Bin it campaign

The Bin It campaign sends the message that littering is not acceptable and appeals to Western Australians to do ‘the right thing’ in disposing of litter responsibly to protect our beautiful environment. Though there are a lot of people doing the right thing with their rubbish, there are a lot who aren’t.  A lot of litter we see around – in parks, on the side of the road or along the river is even within easy reach of bins. That makes those of us who do the right thing frustrated – and a lot of comments are being received by Keep Australia Beautiful to that effect. 

This campaign message poses a question to it really that hard to do the right thing?

Despite any excuse litterers might have ...the message is clear,  it’s actually not okay to litter and we should always bin it – why? Because we know it’s the right thing to do. 

The campaign includes cinema and outdoor advertising combined with other Keep Australia Beautiful community engagement and education programs to help promote a collective responsibility towards littering.

Check out the cinema and online ads below. Thanks to our volunteers Colleen, Riria, Eden, Keelan and Brett for sharing their time and talent in the latest cinema advertisement. 

Can you help promote the Bin it message?

We want to work collaboratively with other organisations to deliver this important message, so please contact us if you can help. Here’s some ideas for how you or your organisation get involved:

Use the Bin It logo

1. bin it logoRaise awareness of the 'Bin it' message by using the logo on your website, at your workplace, in your newsletter, social media sites, letterheads or in any other place that the public might see it or where the anti-litter message is important.  Download here.   

Promote the message

Spread the message via your newsletter, webpage or event. Bin it resources include posters, no junk mail stickers, bin stickers and print advertisements. See more here...

  Girl poster  Bin it poster  Tradie in poster  Its not hard  man on seat



Keep Australia Beautiful 'Bin it' roadside and car litter bags are available for events. Order here.




Outdoor or community events coming up?

Take a look at the 'Bin it' ads above and contact us to access the movie file to screen at your event. A great way to promote an anti-litter message. Litter bags can also be supplied to complement your anti-litter efforts.